lsfs -- parse "ls -lR" output and mount it
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lsfs is Perl parser of directory listings and FUSE filesystem daemon for mounting it.

Useful for offline browsing of FTP servers:

vi@vi-notebook:~$ ftp > output.txt ftp cd utf8 cd upload ls -R quit vi@vi-notebook:~$ mkdir m vi@vi-notebook:~$ lsfs output.txt m Reading input data from output.txt drwxrwxrwx 4 110 65534 128 May 05 13:26 COMLab2 3 date fields will be ignored 1.8kB 0:00:00 [37.3MB/s] [ <=> ] Finished vi@vi-notebook:~$ ls m colinux.ext3.7z Desktop_1.ini netbeans-6.5.1-ml-windows.exe output.txt s3.txt swingx-0.9.2.jar vuln.ppt COMLab2/ Lab3.rar netbeans-6.5.1-ml-windows.exe.aria2 s1.txt s4.txt Thumbs.db wine.cpio cw8.doc link ojdbc14.jar s2.txt s5.txt Unit1.dfm Конспект по политологии.rar

Current version is 0.1.7 beta.

If you found error on this page or in lsfs, report it to vi0 at user dot sourceforce dot net.

If lsfs works for you, please report about it too.

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